Things Hotels Don’t Want You To Know

There are many ways that individuals decide upon what hotel to stay at, and numerous alternatives for reserving those accommodations. Some people decide upon a hotel by word of mouth, others by reading guide books or articles, and others by doing research on the internet. Once they decide, one can reserve a room on the telephone (either directly through the individual hotel, a booking service, or through the chain if the hotel is affiliated with one), directly on the hotel’s website, on a booking service site (such as, Expedia, etc), or through a website where you pick a category of hotel and an acceptable price range in a particular location, and the site has the option of the hotel eventually reserved (such as Priceline). However, there are many things about hotels that many do not want you to know, and many people do not realize.

1. The picture you see on the internet is not necessarily what you’ll get. It is important to remember that professional photographers and computer programs can make something more appealing than it actually may be. Rooms may appear larger than they really are, or the beach may appear more spacious. There are tricks that actually make a beach appear to be far closer to the property than it actually is, or make it look like a particular attraction of interest is far closer to the hotel than it actually may be. The only way to determine the actual location is by looking close at a street map, and other criteria can be examined by looking at consumer sites where past guests have made comments. However, if those comments might be tainted, because many hotels employ individuals to give favorable comments on these types of sites.

2. The price you pay is often different than what others pay. Sometimes prepayment lowers the cost, but brings with it different cancellation or rebooking charges. Many sites discount hotel rates, but those discounts are sometimes off higher published rates. Many hotels have begun offering special incentives to book your room directly through their sites. Sometimes, corporate rates are favorable, yet often they are not the lowest rates available. Hotels also include different amenities with different rates, so you have to know which of these are most important to you. Sometimes, the absolute lowest rate is only available when you call the hotel directly. Often, the room rates change depending on when you reserve your room, with far in the future rates and very close to the date rates often the lowest. As the date comes near, many hotels will offer hidden special rates, because they realize they will not be fully occupied.

3. When a website indicates no availability at a particular hotel, that is often not the case. It can be that the particular site used up its allotment, or that the hotel will only permit sites to reserve up to a specific percentage of the rooms for any one night. If you really “must” stay at a hotel on a particular night, search multiple sites, and also call the individual hotel (not the chain’s 800 number) directly.

4. Most things are negotiable. As many hotels have faced financial challenges during the economic downturn, they often discount room rates, but then have “hidden” charges at the hotel, including items such as the dreaded “Resort Fee,” taxes that you didn’t know about, parking fees, Internet access charges, spa or gym admission fees, Energy surcharges, etc. While most people simply grimace and complain, one should request that these fees be removed from the bill, and you would be surprised how many times hotel will do so.

5. Very reasonably priced or even free upgrades are often available, especially if you merely ask at the Registration Desk. Remember that it is better for a hotel to have a satisfied guest than one that might badmouth them.

6. Many hotels offer discounts to members of specific organizations. The best discounts are generally given to members of the A.A.A. and the A.A.R.P.

The above are just a sampling of what hotels don’t want us to know. Some hotels are far cleaner than others, while some have had much more instances of situations related to a faulty ventilation system, bed bugs, etc. You can check online and get consumer and other comments from those who have previously stayed at the hotel. Do not depend overly on any one comment, however. The best way to know is by word of mouth from someone you know who has previously stayed at the particular property. Always remember that marketing of a hotel is a continuous effort, and most consumers never get anywhere near the whole story.

London Hotels: Tips To Choose One

All the London hotels can be divided in different categories depending upon their services, interior and facilities. These factors also influence the prices of hotel rooms. With a plenty of options in hotels, it is not difficult for tourists to find an ideal accommodation.

London is a fascinating travel spot with seemingly endless attractions for tourists. Known for is magnificent castles, royal heritage and ceremonies, the city is also the largest metropolitan area of the country. This also signifies the high cost of living in the city making it an extremely expensive destination for tourists. Luckily, there are several London hotels that offer affordable accommodation to tourists along with many modern amenities.

Hotels in London range from luxury and boutique hotels to cheap hotels, hostels, and bed and breakfast places. The option that suites you depends upon your budget and the facilities that you are looking for. There are numerous London hotels in different parts of the city. You can easily find a hotel room near every tourist attraction in the city. For instance, if you want to stay at a hotel near London Eye or Shakespeare Globe theatre, you will be met with many accommodation options that will suit your budget.

Taking into consideration the high cost of traveling in the city, it makes much sense to book London hotels in advance. This will eliminate the hassle of the last minute frantic search for an accommodation in a city where many hotels stay packed throughout the year and prompt booking may get difficult. Do not always stick to the price tag of rooms. Since, many hotels also provide complementary breakfast and tea and coffee making facilities in rooms, you tend to save a lot of on your eating expenses. It is advisable to plan your trip properly and make a list of the various amenities that you will need in your hotel room. This will make your search for hotels in London easier and simpler. If you are a business traveler, you must be conscious about the facilities offered in hotel conference rooms and availability of 24 hour internet connection.

Whenever you are searching an accommodation in different London hotels keep in mind the availability of public transportation in the area. London boasts of state-of-the-art underground tube connections throughout the city. Local double-decker buses are also convenient for traveling around the city. Tourists should ideally find an accommodation in central London. This will drastically reduce their travel time and expenses as distance to all parts of the city will lessen.

Many London hotels are sister properties of different hotel chains. Those who favour a specific hotel chain you can book a room directly from its website. Since, hotel chains own many properties at different areas in the city, you can choose which location suits you the best and provides easy access to all that you want to see in London. You can also make a phone call to speak to a hotel representative to ask about the customized services that you want during your stay in the hotel.

What to Choose to Get Cheap Kuta Hotels

Are you wondering of how to get a cheap Kuta hotel?

Kuta represents one of the Bali tourism areas which is located in the southwest of Bali. Kuta have been known as the tourism area since the birth of Bali tourist development. Kuta was used to be a fisherman village which has been magnetized to be totally different. Since all tourist come to Kuta beach which it has white sand, waves, and owns a beautiful sunset, Kuta gradually exposes itself to be one of the most favorite travel destination in Bali As one of the favorite Bali tourist destination, Kuta provides a number of accommodations spreading all over the area. Hotels stand along the beach, shopping centers, in night clubs like pub, bar, discotheque down to the lanes of local housing areas.

Various supporting stuffs for tourism have been built in this area starting from entertainment centers, shopping, local art market, vehicle terminal, souvenir shops and the others. There are hundreds of hotels in Kuta and divided into several categories, starting from melati hotel (non star) up to star hotel with international classes. All those accommodations offer different prices from cheap hotels to expensive ones. They are all influenced by facilities and services given by each hotel.

Generally, cheap Kuta hotels are considered in the form of inn, lodging, cheap hotel, cottage up to three star hotel. The majority of the locations is a bit far from the Kuta beach but it is reachable to the beach on foot. All of these hotels generally give standard facilities like the rest in Bali. For example, Air conditioned rooms, an inside bathroom and so on.

Here are several choices of cheap Kuta hotels:

Melati Class – Cheap Kuta Hotels:

1. Legian Village Hotel
2. Grand Sinar Indah Beach Cottage
3. Hotel Karthi
4. Hotel Maharani 2
5. Taman Ayu Legian Hotel

Prices vary from USD $ 25 – USD $50 per day

Star One Hotel – Cheap Kuta Hotels

1. Restu Bali Hotel
2. Mathari Bungalow
3. Rosani Hotel
4. Fourteen Roses Hotel
5. The Harmony Legian Hotel

Prices vary from USD $35 – USD $ 125 per day

Star Two Hotel – Cheap Kuta Hotels

1. Palm Beach International Hotel
2. Fourteen Roses Beach Hotel
3. Aneka Beach Hotel
4. Casa Padma Suites
5. Nathan Hotel

Prices vary from USD $40 – USD $ 160 per day

I hope you can get a general idea from this short review of how to choose a cheap Kuta hotel to stay while you travel around Kuta Bali.